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How long can I use my Aesty Dual Heater flat iron after it has been fully-charged?
After being fully-charged, the Aesty Dual-Heater flat iron can last 30+ minutes at the maximum temperature (210°C/410°F). However, it is important to note that longer, thicker hair can shorten the usage time. Longer, thicker hair results in lower temperatures of the heating plates, causing the battery to use more power in order to maintain the temperature. Other factors such as wet/damp hair, or a cold environment can also shorten the length of use between charges. While we are proud to provide the leading battery amongst cordless flat irons, hair type and other factors can have an effect on how long the battery lasts after each charge.
What are the product’s warranty conditions?
The warranty period for the product is one year. This period includes services for defective or faulty products. However, this does not include cosmetic defects such as scratches or dents, damage caused by the user, improper installation, normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect. Normal wear and tear includes parts that might wear out over time (e.g. fuse, batteries, etc.). Please refer to the Warranty Terms for more information.
What is the plug type? Do I need a transformer?
Aesty uses Type A plug. (Type A: US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, etc.) This is a Universal Voltage product and does not require a transformer. It works for all 100~240 volts/ 50~60 Hz.
Can I put the product in the Aesty travel pouch immediately after using it?
Yes, you can. If you need to carry/store it right after use, close the product, secure it by sliding the lock button, and place it in the pouch. Please note that the pouch may still be slightly warm on the outside – something to keep in mind if you are storing it in a bag with heat-sensitive items.
What is Hybrid Mode™?
Hybrid Mode™ is a feature that allows you to use your device cordlessly or while connected. When heating up, the product uses battery power, even while connected via the cord or mounted to the cradle. However, once the product has reached the set temperature, you can minimize battery consumption by using the charging cord. If you need to put the product down while styling, you can mount it on the cradle to increase usage time. It also helps maintain optimal battery performance for longer periods of time.
Why is the Dual Heater™ important?
Aesty's in-house developed Dual Heater™ is our advanced technology that enables immediate heating speed and instantaneous recovery times if the temperature happens to fluctuate. Additionally, the control system of the dual heaters utilizes the battery efficiently, which allows you to maintain optimal performance for longer than competing cordless stylers.
I received the product and it's not heating up right away. What should I do?
For compliance with transportation regulations, the Flight Mode Plug is detached from the product. The heat plate cannot heat up with the Flight Mode Plug disconnected. Please carefully insert the Flight Mode Plug, and try turning on/heating up the device. If this does not work, please press the reset button and try again. In the rare case that the problem persists, please contact us through our official email (
All three battery lights are blinking. What does this mean?
If all the battery lights are blinking, the temperature around the battery is too high and the product has temporarily shut off for your safety. Once the temperature cools down, normal function will resume, so please wait until then. If you are trying to charge the product, it will automatically resume charging once the temperature cools.
Is it normal for there to be steam when styling?
Yes, it's a very natural phenomenon. The hair holds approximately 35% moisture even when it is completely dry. When heat is applied at over 200°F during styling, it causes some moisture in the hair to naturally evaporate.
Can I bring it on the plane?
Yes, this product is designed to be carried in-flight. When the Flight Mode Plug is taken out, the battery and heater are physically disconnected. This prevents unintended operation/heating accidents during transport. However, battery-operated electric heating equipment requires airline approval, as each airline/country has its own regulations. For example, in Japan, it is prohibited to enter airports with a hair straightener. Please contact the airline before traveling in order to prevent any issues.
Is there a version that displays temperatures in Celsius?
Unfortunately, at the moment we only provide devices that display temperatures in Fahrenheit.
How does Aesty differ from other cordless straighteners?
With a 4-cell battery and dual heater, Aesty delivers more powerful, long-lasting performance.
Most wireless straighteners use 1 to 2 cell batteries, which results in less power, lower maximum temperatures, slower heating speeds, and shorter periods of use (often times under 15 minutes).
However, using a 4-cell battery does not guarantee that all 4-cell battery products show good performance. Some 4-cell battery devices are unable to maintain precise temperatures or long uses between charges.
Aesty uses a dual heater that has been developed in-house, as well as a 4-cell battery, to ensure superior performance with a precise control system. Aesty quickly heats up to a maximum of 410℉ (210℃) in about 48 seconds, and can be used for approximately 30 minutes at this temperature.
Many cordless products do not maintain their set temperature, with unwanted fluctuations of up to 40~60℉ (10~30℃). If the hair straightener is unable maintain a constant temperature, it becomes less effective at styling. Also, temperature fluctuations can cause hair damage due to excessive heat.
Aesty monitors the plate temperature 150 times per second using a delicate temperature sensor, resulting in an accurately-maintained temperature through immediate control. This allows you to naturally create a hairstyle in an instant, while preventing hair damage caused by excessive heat.

With Hybrid Mode™ and fast charging, Aesty is convenient.
Most cordless hair styling products cannot be used while charging, and can take more than 3 hours to charge. This is not only because the battery drains more quickly than it charges, but also because the total battery life often gets shortened when charging during use.
Aesty uses a hybrid technology that allows you to use it while charging, which optimizes battery life and maintains peak performance for longer periods of time. In addition, a full charge can be completed in just 60 minutes with its fast charging speed.
How does the product work, and how do you charge it?
Turning it on:
1) Slide open the lock button.
2) Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn it on.
3) Click the power button to set desired temperature.
4) Temperature can be changed by clicking the power button again.
5) Style your hair.

Cradle charging:
Close and lock the device, plug it into the cradle, and let it charge. An LED lights up about two seconds after plugging it in, indicating the charge is in progress.

Cord Charging:
Close and lock the device, plug the cord into the DC jack, and let it charge.
How long does it take for home delivery?
We use Royal mail and DHL to send most of our UK orders.Euro Car Parts reserves the right to use discretion in any circumstance where it makes more sense to use an alternative delivery method.