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Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron (Titanium)


The Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron (Titanium): Keeping your hair healthy is our top priority. With premium titanium heating plates, faster styling can be achieved, and your desired temperature setting can be maintained without any fluctuations. Fast and precise styling means less damage to your hair.

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Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron (Titanium)
2x dual heater iron-ceramic dual heater iron-ceramic
aesty dual heater


Even the slightest amount of frictional heat generated
while drying your hair with a towel can cause damage.

In order to maintain healthy hair it is important to reduce damage by minimizing styling time
and applying as little heat as possible to your hair.
Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron is a cordless hair straightener that provides top-quality
performance on an entirely new level than that of preexisting wired/wireless hair straighteners.
Our powerful Dual Heater shortens the preheating time to approximately 40 seconds and evenly
distributes heat to hair, allowing you to achieve perfectly-styled hair without the need for
repetitive passes.

Customized temperature
Customized temperature


Our Live Heat Control system measures the device’s temperature 150 times per second, resulting in a precisely-controlled temperature.
The temperature control system and its quick response speed keep the selected temperature constant.
Consistent and precise temperatures prevent hair from being overheated and burnt, leading to healthier, happier hair.

Customized temperature


Hair type varies vastly- from thin, weak, and straight hair to curly hair that is tough and thick enough to burrow into the scalp. 
Our 4 temperature settings (285℉, 320℉, 365℉, 410℉) allow you to set the optimal temperature to suit your unique hair type.

dual heater iron-Titanium dual heater iron-Titanium


Your styling routine may take longer than most, or you may need to share the device with family and friends. We’ve got you covered.

Thanks to our Hybrid Mode™ technology, plug-in connection is supported.
The Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron can be provided with a continuous power supply simply by connecting the power cable directly to the device.
When using Hybrid Mode™, the device operates through a direct power supply, rather than its battery. This enables immediate use, regardless of what the remaining battery level is.
By utilizing both the wired/wireless mode, you can extend battery life and, in turn, have an even longer-lasting device.

dual heater iron-Titanium


  • Tilting_plate_white


    For you to save every precious strand of your hair from getting pulled out, even in moments when you don’t notice it.

    Aesty’s Free-Moving Plates are an optimal size for styling, and hold on to hair tightly and safely through the inclination-adjusting function that moves the plates from top to bottom and side to side.

  • hidden_hinge_white


    When using other straighteners, hair can get stuck in the small gap between the main body and hinge.

    Hinges are typically on the exterior of the straightener, and can become damaged, leaving dust or foreign particles to enter.

    We finished the device with the Hidden Hinge™, which allows for a sleek, smooth and clean body designed to prevent hair from getting torn out and maintain optimal product performance.

  • Shunt_white


    With a Flight Mode Plug that meets airline criteria, it can be included as carry-on baggage during travel.

  • Battery_3rd_White


    Aesty uses a high-power 4-cell lithium-ion battery supplied by Samsung SDI, so you can style for longer periods of time without compromising temperature control.

    It can maintain the maximum temperature of 410℉ constantly for up to 40 minutes, enabling continuous, worry-free styling.

  • Aesty_poweroff_ani_White_close


    With Aesty, there’s never a cause for concern, even if you left the power on after styling is finished.

    Our technology recognizes movements such as grabbing and unfolding the device, so it automatically shuts off when not in use for more than 5 minutes.

    *If there is no movement for more than 20 minutes while the device is charging, the device will automatically shut off.

  • Cradle_2nd_white


    The top of the cradle has been designed with a slight concave.

    This leaves it convenient and safe to use it in 2 ways; place it vertically on the cradle when charging, and lay it on top of the cradle when you need to put it down for a moment during use.

Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron-titanium
Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron-titanium


Flat irons apply heat and can subsequently result in accidents such as burns, fires, and explosions.

With user safety being one of Aesty’s top priorities, you can focus solely on using the product, without having to worry about safety or accidents.
Its battery and heater are each equipped with multiple safety features,
and a strict safety evaluation has been applied so you can use it with confidence.

Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron-titanium
concept image - titanium
concept image - titanium
concept image - titanium
concept image - titanium
concept image - titanium
concept image - titanium


Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron-titanium
Plates Premium Titanium
Size 11.5in x 1.8in x 1.4in
(292mm x 46mm x 35mm)
Weight 1.06(lb) (480g)
Battery Samsung SDI 4-Cell Lithium Ion Battery
2,500mAh, 14.4V (36Wh)
Wattage 230w (Max)
Temperature Settings 285°F, 320°F, 365°F, 410°F
(140°C, 160°C, 185°C, 210°C)
Temperature Control 150 times per second
Run Time 35~40mins
(at 410°F)
Usage Cordless, Hybrid Mode (Corded)
Components Aesty Dual Heater™ Flat Iron (Titanium)
Charging Cradle
Flight Mode Plug
Power Adapter
Power Cable
Travel Pouch

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